We love our Brigada family. That’s why we don’t mind answering tons of emails about address changes. But just so you know, you can save us a ton of time by using the simple, automatic systems we’ve built into Brigada. For example, if you want to change email addresses (which seems to happen more often than not for Brigada subscribers; what’s up with that? We Brigada users seem to change email addresses every month!), you can take care of this shift completely on your own in less than 30 seconds. (If you ask us to do it for you manually, it will probably end up being several hours turn-around.) Here’s how easy it is: Each Brigada comes with an unsubscribe link at the bottom. To drop off your old address, just click that link and — bam — the old address is instantly gone. Then go to www.Brigada.org and put your email address in the box in the upper right where it offers you the chance to sign up for Brigada. If you want, you can also fill in your name – but you don’t even have to do that. Just click the submit button and — bam — your new address is now subscribed. So it’s easy — out with the old, in with the new and you’re on your way in 30 seconds. Thanks for helping with this easy task!