Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Revised First Edition of More Disciples Now Live on Amazon
2) What was Up with Last Week’s Edition of Brigada?
3) “Love Muslims” Launches May 5th
4) Try this Prayer Moment at Your Next Church or Group Meeting
5) How Do You Get Practical Training for a Media-Driven World?
6) Want to Teach English Overseas? Want to be Paid for it?
7) New ‘Stock’ Video Resource For Non-Profits
8) Missio Nexus to Sponsor 24-hour Event: “Risk Decision Making”
9) The GACX is a Where Discussions Can Increase Global Momentum
10) Number of Muslim children in UK doubles in a decade
11) Pick up Engaging Islam Weekend or Week-Long Seminar in Dearborn
12) Int’l Student Ministry Needs Bible Translation Recommendations
13) What’s Your Fave Note-taking “Grass-Catcher” App?
14) The Last Bit: Can You Help a Bible Translator with This Challenge?
15) Closing Stuff