We’ve mentioned Taskade before. You can use this app as an outliner, list-maker, thought-organizer, and collaboration base. The free version gives you unlimited lists, all of which can be organized in bullets and “folded up” so you can make sense of “both the forest and the trees.” The free version also allows you to include an unlimited number of collaborators, plus you can include due dates, reminders, use templates, conduct team chats, and even do voice and video calls (all for free!). The product syncs in real-time across platforms, meaning you can start your list on your laptop in your office and continue it on your phone in the park while walking the dog (as long as your dog doesn’t mind). It will send push notifications (that actually work) to your phone and laptop as well. And there are custom mobile and desktop apps for everything you can imagine. What’s more, it’s encrypted end to end and the vendor pledges that there are regular backups going on constantly. By pitching in $84/year, you can pick up a crucial feature: global search (which works instantly, by the way) AND unlimited attachments. (The free version is limited to 100 Meg of storage.) Think about it — unlimited means 5 gigs or 5 terabytes (in 50 meg chunks, mind you) – it doesn’t matter. Pretty cool.


For some reason, we’re liking Taskade better than any of the other outliners out there right now. The sharing aspect seems somehow easier to grasp than Workflowy and we love the “startup” mentality of Taskade. (The staff is incredibly responsive and has even participated in ‘live’ brainstorming sessions with us.)


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