Lots of people didn’t receive last week’s Brigada. Why? Because Barracuda decided it was unsafe for your inboxes, even though it complained not a single offensive word nor any advertising at all. In fact, Barracuda admitted that they obstructed delivery of Brigada because of our item about a translation software/service that allows churches to stage simultaneous interpretation of their sermons and programs. We’re not going to mention the service in this item (because we don’t want this edition to be blocked, obviously), but we believe it’s COMPLETELY unfair to block users from receiving Brigada because of a legitimate service that our own users are enjoying due to its effective experience. Brigada has been in business since January 1995. In all these 24 years, we’ve never ONCE sent a single piece of email that contains anything bad — yet, last week, Barracuda’s paradigm kept tons of our users from hearing about solid resources that could help them in their respective ministries. There’s something unfair about a ‘big brother’ system that condescendingly blocks good communication as it pats its customers on the head saying, “This website might be dubious.” Barracuda is NOT our friend today.

If you want to see last week’s edition, you’ll have to view it online at www.brigada.org .