The most recent one just met earlier this month. Several regional and affinity teams, most affiliated with 24:14, have begun to form or continued to move forward: Eurasia, Persian/Turkic countries, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sports to Movement affinity, and Media to Movement affinity. The purpose of these teams is to seek total movement engagement in their region/affinity by 2025.

The Hubs workgroup explored what it will take to establish a global network of cross-organizational training hubs to more quickly and effectively equip workers. The team drafted a list of action items to implement over the coming year to build that network ranging from curriculum to logistics, tracking, and financing.

Finally, the prayer team was able to connect face-to-face with many of the leaders and teams they have been praying for, delivering powerful prophetic words and gaining a better familiarity with these teams to more effectively intercede for them.

Please pray that out of this time effective 24:14 teams form that result in an acceleration in engaging every unreached people and place with a movement strategy! Learn more about 24:14 by clicking to …

(Thanks to 24:14 for sharing this report with the Brigada audience.)