...a gift from the Center for Intercultural Training (CIT) for $200. In the org that we personally serve (Team Expansion), we send workers to this training group all the time and we consistently receive great feedback on their experiences. Try them for a cross-cultural experience of ANY length and you won’t be sorry. Thanks CIT! Learn more at…


…the $50 gift we received from a couple serving among Muslims because of their love for the Lord. Unfortunately, because of the sensitivities of the region, we can’t say more about their work, but we wish we could. They wrote, “Thanks to you all at Brigada for helping us carry the Gospel forward in the Middle East! We’ve been Brigada subscribers for at least a decade, and we truly appreciate your dedication and perseverance in sending us so much helpful news and resources all these years.” Wow. God bless you all for your encouraging words, your amazing gift, and your faithful service to the King!

…the $25 encouragement sent by Catalyst Services in Newtown, PA. God bless you! Can we ask you please to join them in celebrating the 150th issue of “Postings,” an indispensable FREE resource for mobilizers and churches. You can subscribe for free to receive a new issue each month by going to…


…a $100 gift from the folks at CanBooks. They wrote, “Thanks for your letter. Keep up the good work.” They are for sure “True Fans” of Brigada. See their books at…


…the $50 gift from an anonymous donor who has a great ministry to those serving cross-culturally. He asked to remain anonymous but we wish so much we could tell you about the great things he does for those serving in the darkest places on earth. He did say that we might be able to help later with a research project. Can’t wait. Thank you!

…a $100 gift from Good News Productions in Joplin, MO. They wrote, “GNPI offers praise for all the opportunities to serve globally in 2018 and asks for prayers to be faithful and fruitful in 2019.” Thank you GNPI! You can learn more about their work at…


…the $30 gift from an anonymous donor who wrote, “Wish I could do more.” Her heart is always for the unreached, especially in Indonesia. She is especially remembering those affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunami in the region. May God bless your heart, and may he lift up all those in Indonesia that you serve in prayer and encouragement.

…a $100 donation from an anonymous “True Fan” of Brigada who wrote, “I’m a 75-year-old MK but have enjoyed Brigada for years. Thanks, God bless!” He added that he had gained from the resources and that he had first heard about Brigada through a cousin who was with MAF at the time. God bless you brother!

…a $50 gift from a great friend of Brigada who wrote, “Thanks! Keep up the good work!” We appreciate you! God bless you!

…the $50 gift from a longtime friend of Brigada with a strong personal need in her family. We prayed with her privately and, while lifting up her need, gave thanks to God for her encouragement.

…the $100 gift from “True Fans” of Brigada, serving in a very dark place. They wrote, “Appreciate all of the resources that you list- we have found several to be very helpful! Thank you for the work you do in promoting His glory among the nations!” Unfortunately, the location they serve prevents us from saying much about the great work that they’re doing. The only thing we can say is, thank you and God bless you.

…a $50 gift from an anonymous Canadian donor who said that all she wanted was that we would be able to continue onward. Such an encouragement. God bless you and God bless the great neighbor nation of Canada!

…so humbled and so grateful for the incredible $250 gift from an anonymous True Fan of Brigada who asked that we mention the Perspectives Course. We need not remind you that this 15-week course has served to awaken many to the needs, opportunities, and best practices to reach an entire world full of unreached people. Learn more at…


…the incredible, unforgettable $300 gift from True Fans of Brigada serving in the Balkans for… wow… has it been 20 years already? Whoa. Thank you so much for your selfless gift of service and your boost to Brigada!

…the amazing $20 gift from a great friend of Brigada in Fresno! Thank you!!

…a very welcome $25 gift from a welcome worker who wrote, “Here is Sweden, we love you! Blessings from an ole missionary and MERRY CHRISTMAS too!” What an encouragement. Thank you… and thank you Sweden!

…a $50 blessing from an anonymous Brigada participant in Elizabethton, TN! According to Amy Grant, “a tender Tennessee Christmas is the only Christmas for me!” We’re grateful!

…a much appreciated $50 gift from all the way out in Redmond, WA. We appreciate you Redmond!

…the donor who sent $200 from all the way down in Rayville, Louisiana! Thank you!

One friend wrote, “God has worked through Brigada to lead me to many very useful resources, often just when I was thinking about finding something on that topic. May He continue to give you and your co-workers grace and insight for this most appreciated communication work! … from a fellow worker in East Asia.” Another asked prayer “for collaboration with partners in N India and their disciple-making movements.” So we say, “Lord, please bring all these workers and their respective spheres of influence together. Bring them together like Jesus prayed in John 17, that they may be one that the world would be won. In Jesus name, Amen.”

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