... the $200 gift from Mission Data International in St. Louis, MO. God bless you!
… the $100 gift from a True Fan of Brigada at Frontier Fellowship’s Birmingham, AL regional office. We appreciate you!
… the $30 gift from a great trainer in England. God bless you!
… a $20 gift from a member of the Finishing the Task staff. Whoa. You guys are doing great work, yet you stop to encourage Brigada. Bless you!
… a $50 gift from a leader at Christian Ministry Academy. We appreciate you!!!
… a $25 gift from a Brigada booster who wished to remain anonymous, but has set a pattern of encouraging Brigada so he can encourage others!
… a $1000 gift from a church who said, “Please don’t publish our name, but put the challenge out there — ” if Brigada has blessed you this year, please do something! We’re blessed to be a blessing.” There are no words. This is SUCH a huge help. God bless every person in your church, every leader, and every global worker you already support.
… the $20 we received from an anonymous Brigada participant. God bless you.
… a $100 gift from a worker in Taiwan. God bless you!
… the $20 gift from an anonymous Brigada participant who joked, “That anonymous person is sure a great giver.” : ) Thank you Lord.

Want to join that anonymous donor? Just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!