This past week, we received a note from a gentleman in Indianapolis, Indiana. His note was simple: He asked us to pray for him as he was striving to put disciple-making into practice beginning at his church and beyond. This humble and thoughtful note stirred us to realize — What if God could raise up an “Ed” in every church or small group? What if an “Ed” could begin praying that disciple-making could surge back to the forefront of our minds. There are numerous plans, lots of books, and tons of intent, but when all the dust settles, we fear that far too often, there is little action. We need a modern-day “Ed” in every church across North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, Australia, and all parts in between. We need those modern-day “Ed’s” to care enough to be courageous — to approach their respective churches with an action plan, yes. But we also need them to begin implementing personally, one by one. We each need the personal moxie to start small groups of serious followers. We need to redouble our efforts each to find an Ed in our midst who will become a disciple worth multiplying, then begin praying, obeying, sharing, and training others. Only in this way will we see true growth to the edges of our existing churches, then beyond into the edges of the unreached. Only then will missionaries rise up who know how to make disciples among friends and the not-yet believers.

In Ed’s case, he happened to have taken part in the very first Zume (pronounced zoo-may) group that I (Doug) ever facilitated, way back when Zume was in beta form, when the website hadn’t even gone public yet, in January of 2017. Ed never forgot the material. When he wrote this past week, we thought of others who know what to do – but just need the courage and faith to act. If you haven’t tried the Zume way to make disciples, would you give it a shot this week? The 9-lesson course is free, and there’s no book nor DVD to buy. You don’t have to pay a subscription fee — and no one will solicit you for money. You simply gather 3 to 11 friends and start a group (of 4-12 people). You start working your way through lessons 1-9, putting into practice what you learn, as you go, making disciples. Try Zume today and see if it doesn’t help YOU become like Ed — faithful, obedient, multiplying.