We recently decided to give DonorElf a try — to help us communicate with current and prospective donors more effectively. What in the world were we thinking? Why haven’t we been using this before?!!! The development team behind this application have obviously been involved at one time in raising support personally. Otherwise, how would they know so perfectly what we need? What’s more, as I (Doug) was using the application, I had an idea for another feature. I wrote them via the in-application help screen and within a few hours, they wrote back to say they liked my idea and would implement it by the end of the week. (We wish our friends at other software companies would be so responsive.) Yes, this app will set you back around $18/month. But just the ability to send timely thank-you notes is worth that already. What’s more, if you are part of an organization which uses a compatible accounting software, DonorElf can integrate with that package in such a way that you are notified the same day that your organization’s financial team enters the gift. See the long list of compatible software at:


Learn more about DonorElf’s many other features at…


Also, in case you were wondering, we aren’t getting a kickback from DonorElf for sharing this item. (At this point, they don’t even know we’re writing about them!) Thank you DonorElf!