What if we could rally thousands of churches across the world to pray for the future of North Korea. The recent summit marked the first time in history that a sitting USA President had met a North Korean leader. Pray for complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Pray for those living in torture, slavery, hunger, and more. Pray for family members who have witnessed public executions and the killing of infants. Pray for the 200,000 or more reported political prisoners. Pray that North Korea would no longer be the “most dangerous country in the world to be a Christian.” Ask God to help the 99% of their population who have never heard of Jesus Christ. The great news is — you don’t have to wait for the politicians. Through prayer, you can travel to North Korea TODAY. Please pray individually and ask someone to team up with you to arrange a prayer meeting in your congregation specifically for peace, freedom, and opportunity to know Christ as Lord. Use this video as a keystone for your night of shared prayer:


For more information about launching prayer efforts and other outreaches to North Korea, visit