We continue to learn more about the goals of 24:14, the subject of the current issue of Mission Frontiers…


Last week (in our item, “14) The Last Bit: What in the World is 2414?”), we expressed concern about the bold goal of finishing the task of “reaching” every unreached people and place by 2025. As we learn more, we now understand that it’s important to understand what we mean by “reach.” By “reaching” every unreached people and place by 2025, the 24:14 coalition hopes “to start kingdom movement engagements in every unreached people and place by 2025.” So, for example, a team of workers from a near-neighbor people group could start engaging an unreached people or place in 2024. It might take this new team years to launch a movement. But 24:14’s goal is that the work among each group “and in each place” would be, at least, STARTED by 2025.

Now on the one hand, it sounds easier because we aren’t specifying the kind of fruit needed by 2025. But on the other hand, please don’t miss the miracle that this goal would require. Motivating the global church to prioritize this kind of mobilization would be nothing short of a massive, sea change for fellowships near and far, all across the planet. In fact, in many ways, there have been dozens (hundreds?) of campaigns designed to bring about this end in previous years. (Can someone remind us of the book that came out in the late 90’s… “697 plans to Evangelize the World” or something similar?) We asked some of 24:14’s leaders how they thought THIS plan would be different. One (Justin Long) clarified the above goal. Once again, he reminded us of that “reach” means “start kingdom movement engagements.” (Thanks Justin.) Another (Steve Smith) stood firm in his faith that God can do this, in part by relying on the existence of so many movements in process today (hundreds). This, these leaders maintain, is one of the main differentiators from past plans. In those hundreds of previous examples (like AD2000 & Beyond Movement from the 90’s), the presumption was that the West had to be the leader. In 24:14, leadership is coming from a global coalition. Yes, the West is involved, but so are leaders from fast-growing movements from all across the globe. The idea is — if we pray hard and ask God to bind us together all around the planet, wouldn’t it be something if this could really happen by 2025. (Thanks Steve — and Curtis)

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