If you’ve ever wanted your prayers to make a difference… If you’ve ever followed the incredible journey of faith in Laos… (Open Doors ranks Laos as 20th on its list of 100 countries who persecute most for the Christian faith), … If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference in a land emerging from darkness at a pivotal time in human history, then NOW is the time to attend Vision Laos: The Final 58. Scheduled for two days only, Feb. 26-27, in Louisville, KY at the home of Team Expansion and Brigada, Vision Laos will connect you directly with the process of finishing the task of engaging the last remaining 58 (maybe only 55 today?) unengaged, unreached people groups of Laos. (The planners have signed and committed on behalf of Finishing the Task to complete this mandate.) You and your prayers, along with, in some cases, your very PRESENCE — can insure that the Good News of Christ travels to every last remaining beachhead in the entire land. Don’t just sit in on sessions — be a PART of them. Pray. Brainstorm. Help overcome problems and challenges. Dream. Plan. Participate in mapping out a strategy and the action steps to reaching this last frontier. Never been to Laos? No problem. There will be sessions introducing it. Never shared Christ in Asia? No problems. Presenters will share that too. No idea where to begin? No problem there either. You’ll have a chance to bow in prayer side by side with those who have driven motorbikes throughout the entire country. Speakers include Caleb Bislow (Unusual Soldiers, author of the book “Dangerous: Engaging the People and Places No One Else Will”), Doug Lucas (it would be a conflict of interest except he won’t be talking about Brigada; he’ll be talking about finishing the task in Laos), prospective donors, prayer partners, along with several who have worked for years in-country (whom we can’t mention publicly in Brigada), and even featuring Lao believers as well. To register, visit


today. Registration fee is just $35 (which even includes 4 meals; how is that possible?) Find out how YOU can finish the task in this needy land.