Issues around Islam and Muslims loom large in the world today. Most Christians want to be obedient when it comes to Muslims, but are puzzled about what to do, even what to think. Along comes this little gem called Muslim Connect that long-time friend of Brigada Today, Shane Bennett sends out each week. Each post is only 300 words long, and packs a solid, one idea punch. You’ll find it useful and funny and probably worth passing along to your network. We subscribed here at Brigada Today on the first day we learned about it. We’d love for you to read it with us. Subscribe here.

(That’s all one link. If your browser breaks it up, please just kind of knit it back together by copying one broken line at a time. We here at Brigada Today believe in showing you the real site to which you are being directed. So we’d lots rather give you the real URL rather than some “tiny URL” forwarder. Who wants to be kidnapped? : ) )