…The $35.92 from Insurance Services of America. They offer special insurance policies to Brigada readers and others…


Then they make a percentage available to Brigada as a tribute. Thanks ISA!
…The $100 gift from 2 great friends in Dallas, thanking Christ for all He has done, and praising Him by offering an article through Brigada. We appreciate you!
… A $75 gift from Centenary United Methodist Church, Lexington, KY. We praise God for your faithfulness!
… and gifts of $25, $27.84, $100, $25, $50, $25, $100, $25, $100, $35, $100. One contributor wrote, “I’m just a local church missions ministry leader trying to mobilize our congregation to reach the nations! Thanks for your work on Brigada. I nearly always find something helpful in each edition.” God be praised. One of those gifts was from Palm Beach Atlantic University–Campus Ministries OR CM Global. Bless you!
… a $100 gift from Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship. God bless you all!
… a $100 gift from a long-time True Fan of Brigada who wrote, “I took a look back in my email archive and see that I’ve been getting Brigada Today since September 1996! She wrote, “I still remember meeting you in the media office at GCOWE II in Seoul [in 1995].” Whoa. Thank you and God bless you!!! Another partner wrote, “I would like to highlight Team Expansion and Doug Lucas who 22 years ago was bold and brave enough to take a new media and method to connect missions minded believers around the world. For years they did this without any real financial support for this important ministry. Team Expansion supported this and even now bears much of the cost, the body should recognize and support this vital effort.” [God bless you for your encouragement.]

Blessings and Merry Christmas to a friend I’ve never met. But if you come through DFW, I’d be happy to meet you.

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