Looking for a place to use up some of those AMEX points? Tired of endless spiral patterns in the carpet, confusing directions on the waffle-makers, and funny button patterns on the hotel remote control? Now you can get away from ALL of it — here at the world’s smallest hotel. In the Jordan Desert. With a reportedly five-star experience. Is air-conditioning drying out your skin? Boycott it! Here. Give up the boring white sheets and choose handmade embroidered ones. Why lose life on standard goose down when you can enjoy a pillow decorated with colorful beads? Why stoop to a warm chocolate chip cookie when you can get a traditional Bedouin breakfast served personally by the owner’s wife, Um Ali, and daughters? For just 40 Jordanian Dinars (around $56) this stamp can be in your passport too, so to speak. Not to be missed.


(Thanks Matt!)