Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…

1) Spanish Language Resources
2) First Peter: An Honor-Shame Paraphrase
3) Our Friend, Curtis, Helped us “Get” the 4KMapping Project
4) Where Can we Learn How to Utilize Media to Launch a DMM?
5) What’s Your Take on “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Free Kindle book)
6) You’ve heard about the 10/40 Window, but what about the 4/14?
7) Church Multiplication: What do YOU Measure?
8) The Bible on Your Device Like You’ve Never Witnessed it Before
9) Where Can a New Global Outreach Pastor Learn about Refugees?
10) Any Great Resources for Children’s Reentry to their Homeland?
11) The Story of Helen Berhane: Worship in the Wilderness
12) How Will Your Church Honor World Refugee Sunday?
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Where Do We Turn for a Complete Intro to DMM?
15) Closing Stuff