Our VP of Prayer, Betty Byrd, was able to attend The International Prayer and Mission Leaders Consultation, held last week in Herrnhut, Germany. Obviously, Herrnhut is the site of the now-world-famous 100+ year prayer campaign (they actually prayed around the clock, 24/7, for over 100 years!). Betty has written a full report


but she summed up her take-away by referring to some prayer ideas given by Paul Eshleman of Finishing the Task. In his 15-minute address to the group, he suggested that they…

A. Consider sending prayer warriors to every remaining unengaged, unreached people group in the world. They could team up with indigenous intercessors whose churches might eventually send workers to the group(s) they are praying for.
B. Send similar type of intercessors to the 150 people groups that currently need the most workers.
C. Pray specifically for each of the global networks that are currently launching initiatives toward their part in the Great Commission. This would include 20-30 global networks and 100 geographic networks.
D. Help prepare prayer intercessors for all network meetings scheduled for the next 3-5 years.
E. Help mission leaders to set up a prayer plan for their ministry, their workers, and the people they are trying to reach.
F. Disseminate very specific requests to all of its prayer leaders that outline People, places and leaders where the cause of the Gospel is being blocked and Praise reports from each of the five strategic elements (Scriptures, Engaging the Unengaged People Groups, Evangelism, Orality, Church Planting and Presence) involved in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
G. Develop a prayer calendar where people will pray each day for a different Christian leader or Christian organization, much like the Master Media Prayer Guide.
H. Be a continual encouragement to mission leaders to live lives of holiness and dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Those steps sounded GREAT to us at Brigada. If you’d like to read Betty’s full report on the event, grab it at…


(Thanks Betty!)