We occasionally delve back into the world of “which VPN is the best for the money?” This time, it was spawned by a great and long-time friend named Ted who needed to set up VPN accounts for his office staff. Field workers in sensitive places *live* by these things. They basically create a bulletproof shroud around our entire internet experience, from the sensitive area where we live and work — all the way to the homeland. Once our traffic reaches our homeland, then yes — it finally opens up into the free and clear. But everyone in between sees our traffic as a bunch of encrypted code. Does it raise our profile? Not much. It just mainly looks like we’re online with a bank or a credit card interface — because they *all* use built-in encryption anyway.

So what are the best solutions? There are lots. They usually cost anywhere from $5 or $7 per month. The best service in our opinion is


Another well-known option is Witopia…


If you’ve got a favorite, please comment below the web version of this item. They vary widely as to their core components, their ease of adapting to various environmental variables, and their customer service. The most important factor is — if you’re headed into a sensitive land, use *something*.