As we end 2016 and turn the corner into 2017, what do you think are the biggest trends in missions and cross-cultural work today? Would it be…
*** The fact that software programs like ParaText, along with new crowd-based strategies in translation will likely make it possible that either you or your children will likely see the last Bible translation for those who need it. Keep in mind, missionaries have been working for centuries to make sure the Bible is available in every heart language. Imagine the excitement over the fact that the job will be DONE!

*** Missionaries sent by previous missionary-receiving lands. More and more, teams are blended, internationally. Global South workers are hopping to other Global South mission destinations, and sometimes even doing “reverse missions” (bringing renewed faith, vision, and prayer focus to traditional sending lands).

*** Outreach to migrants. Could 2017 be the year that we finally start “getting it right?” Some are saying that as many as 1 out of 8 people in the world are part of the huge waves of diaspora. Will we finally make an impact this year?

*** The growth of violent encounters, global threats, and security risks for cross-cultural workers. Don’t get me wrong. The risks have always been there. But, is it just my imagination, or have radicalized elements made it just a tad bit more hair-raising for some of our workers during 2016 than in a generation or two prior? Please tell us if we need a bigger context here.

What other trends do YOU see? What’s next in 2017 in YOUR opinion?