OK… here’s your chance to vote. Are you a fan of…trtl
a) The horse shoe donut? Honestly… do any of these really stay inflated all night? And what’s more — do they actually help in any possible way?
b) Those scrunchy, bulky, padded pillows that people have to lash on the outside of their backpacks? You know the type: When they spin around to head for the rest room, the pillow whaps you right in the face.
c) The new-fangled, fancy, innovative, never-before-seen “trtl pillow.” When you wear one of these, you’ll look like you came straight from the ski slope (and had a broken neck!). No seriously, these things take up very little space (once their smashed in your briefcase), they’re relatively inexpensive ($20 each. ouch), keep your neck warm on a cold plane at night, AND they come in several colors for your choosing frenzy. See them (and try them) here…


I’ll have to admit, after having tried one of these, I’ll never do the donut again. : )