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In this issue…

1) Embrace the Azerbaijani
2) Research on the World’s Missionaries and Mission Organizations
3) Antioch Journey Website/Challenge Preps for Marketplace Ministry
4) TESOL Training in Asia
5) Could Your Ministry Use A Free Spanish App?
6) Trying to Connect Your Loved One to Good Reads?
7) How Does One Integrate a Global Worldview with Deep Faith?
8) Mission Information Workers Conference 2016
9) Frontier Works Seminar on DMM in Bali
10) Private School in Kosova is Seeking Like-minded Teachers
11) International Orality Network Think Tank Report on India
12) Watch this 25-minute Film on Changing Peoples of Northern Ghana
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: Mandarin Chinese Resources Available
15) Closing Stuff