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In this issue…

1) Catch the Archived Versions of 4 Webinars — for free!
2) Liam & Ruby 2016
3) Panoramic History of Missional Member Care
4) Are You Prepping for Succession? This Book/Author can Help
5) TESOL training course with Asia’s Center for TESOL in Chiang Mai
6) WordPress plugin to add Bible reading plans to your website
7) More on “Help Your Missionaries Thrive” (The Book)
8) Church Planters in Europe Will Want This
9) Great Feedback on Olive Tree’s “Brigada Bundle”
10) “Healthy, Resilient, And Effective”: the book
11) Try the ServantCARE Network
12) Wayside B&B for those 50+ in age
13) We’re Grateful…
14) The BackPage: Your Website in Other Languages?  How?
15) Closing Stuff