When the computer became “personal” (around 1984), word processors were in infant forms. I (Doug) remember trying out titles like Enable, Amipro, Wordstar, Perfect Writer, and a start-up called Microsoft Word. Yikes. That last title seems extremely lonely these days, doesn’t it? Competition is good. It encourages innovation. But who has the audacity to challenge Word, with some 90% of the PC market, and more than 25% of the enterprise market (Microsoft Office Online has a great free version now and has recently outpaced Google Docs for market share. Well there are challengers in the PC world — still. Take AbiWord for instance:


There’s LibreOffice, too. But, of all that we can find, perhaps the most promising is…


A new version was just released in October (2015) and you know — it’s actually not bad. Your thoughts?? (Thanks for suggesting this item, Pete!)