shorttermmissiontripsIf you’re from the USA (as about half of our readers are), but you would love a working cell phone on your next international trip, and you’re not rich, and you use Verizon, you just might be in luck. Check out this feature, available to all Verizon users (the rascals):

I (Doug) have been a Sprint user since 1997 — so nearly 20 years — but they can’t compare to this plan. Basically, on any international trip (to any covered country), pay $10 if you need to use voice, send texts, or use data — and get all you can eat. (Note that the data limit on your normal plan will be your free data limit on this international plan.) We confirmed with Verizon — there are absolutely no charges levied by the overseas grid. This is amazing. Many carriers would charge 20 cents per minute … and up to $2 (Two DOLLARS!) per minute for the same voice plan, let alone getting free text-sending and web-browsing. And the coverage is broad too. Amazing. I’m now convinced: Verizon users are all rascals. : ) (But I still love my unlimited data plan on Sprint and I hate to switch. Rats.)