getguruThanks to Caleb for suggesting the idea behind the folks at GetGuru:

If I read this service correctly, it’s supposed to help a team quickly assemble a body of knowledge that they can all keep fresh and jointly use to carry out their work. Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out how to get the service to work for us. But it did raise up the idea — how does YOUR team collect a body of knowledge together? Say you’re assembling a set of answers to frequently-asked questions about Christ, or trying to assemble ways of answering folks about the work you do in tentmaking. How do you collect and distribute that information to your team on an ongoing basis? In the old days, people prepared “wikis” online or shared Google docs. Is that kind of thing still happening, or have other, friendlier apps found a home with your team? If you have a moment, click comment after the web version of this item, and thanks for your input. (And thanks for the idea, Caleb.)