Hats off to Kelly and Michele O’Donnell for sharing these resources with the world this past week regarding how to help a migrant/refugee deal with displacement and all the swirl of mental, emotional, and trauma issues that surround them:
1. From the World Health Organization…
Free Humanitarian Intervention Guide (book download)


Building Back Better: Sustainable mental health care after emergencies (another free book download)


Psychological First Aid: Guide for Field Workers


2. From the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (examples)
–Culture, Context, and the Mental Health and Psychosocial Well-being of Syrian Refugees (2015)


–UNHCR Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Persons of Concern (2013)


–UNHCR Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Staff (2013)


3. Inter-Agency Standing Committee (examples)
–IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and {psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (2007, in various languages, and foundational for many other materials from IASC)


4. American Psychological Association (examples)
–Immigration section on the website: contains several resources including Working with Immigrant-Origin Clients (2013) and Crossroads: The Psychology of Immigration in the New Century (2011).


This is Kelly and Michele at their best, curating a world full of content into three free guides for the globe — so we can do our jobs better. Thank you O’Donnells! (See their Oct. 2015 Resource Update at