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In this issue…

1) What is YOUR Next Step?
2) Curious as to a Debriefing Event for Your Life?
3) Looking for a CHE course in the Indy Area? Want to learn DBS/DMM?
4) Five “Permissions” Missionaries Need
5) A Great Starter Page for Global Research
6) What if You Need Info on Internationals in the USA?
7) New Release of “Paper” is Radical
8) We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: like John and Betty Stam
9) This Community of Mentors for Tentmakers is Compelling
10) Want to Learn about Solar Kits?
11) Need Life Insurance But Living Outside Your Home Country?
12) Married in Mission: Pre-Ordering Available
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: Migrants and Refugees — What’s a Body to Do???
15) Closing Stuff