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But the bottom line is — cutbacks. Brother Platt pointed out that, over the past 5 years, the IMB had spent $210 million dollars more than it had taken in. He emphasized that they just couldn’t go on spending like that. What’s your thinking on this move by the world’s largest missionary-sending agency? After reading the rather lengthy letter, do you have advice you would offer Dr. Platt? If so, click “Comment” after the online version of this item. How would you have done things the same or differently if you were in David Platt’s seat as the new Exec. Director? And here’s a companion question: Could this turn of events indicate that the centralized “salary” model of hiring missionaries doesn’t generate a personal “stake” in each missionary family’s funding? … so maybe the “deputized fundraising” used by faith missions throughout the globe might be a more effective model after all? Or is that conclusion completely irrelevant?