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In this issue…
1) Finally, an online course to learn how to raise support!
2) On-The-Fly Prayer Card Prep at JoshuaProject.net
3) The World as 100 People: A New Poster
4) Looking for some Fresh Prayer Station Ideas?
5) How does your Garden Grow? This Group can Help
6) For Those Coming Home from the Field
7) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai
8) How Do we Motivate 600 People to Pray for Unreached Peoples?
9) Cool Missions Videos at HistoryMakers
10) New Resources to Teach Kids about the World
11) What’s your Opinion on Windows 10?
12) Great Thread on Laptops for Missionaries
13) Thank-you Note from a Recent Brigada Donor
14) The BackPage: Joshua Project UPG Count Drops 10% in last 4 Years
15) Closing Stuff