Easter is a HUGE day for me. It was the resurrection of Christ that ended up being so central for me in helping me build the apologetic for my faith (i.e., why I believed). I’m fairly convinced we’ll never ever be able fully to PROVE the existence of Jesus Christ (any more than we can positively prove the existence of any other historic figure who lived two thousand years ago. But we CAN uncover a lot that helps make believing more believable. During my “unsettled” period, when I was searching for faith myself, I benefited greatly from reading books like Evidence that Demands a Verdict, More than a Carpenter, Basic Christianity, and more. Perhaps for you, it might be as simple today as listening to an interview with Bono at…

If that’s a new name for you, he’s the lead singer in a group called U2, which, according to some, might be one of the most influential rock and roll bands ever.

So my conclusion is that, for different people, there are different pieces of evidence that help in the journey of faith. And — moving forward on that journey is one of the most critical stepping stones for being an effective witness for Christ. (Think about it: If you aren’t really sure he exists, how vital will your “witness” be?) So my question is: What has helped you the most. Is it Josh McDowell?


… or Lee Strobel?


or … what is it for you? Please — just click “comment” following the web version of this item. Your testimony might help another fellow struggler on the road to faith. Thanks in advance for taking time to click and share.