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In this issue…

1) Deciding Not to Prepare can Feel like Hurt to Those You Love
2) Curious about the Link Between Member Care and Unreached Peoples?
3) “Pray for the World:” the Book
4) How to Help Others Remember Your Message
5) Tell the Story of Your Org for a Song: Win a Grant
6) Global Prayercast is Set to Bring You the World
7) Gather New Resources at the MissionsForum.org
8) Equipping Missionaries for Today’s World (April 17-18, 2015)
9) Take a STEP into cross-cultural ministry
10) More on Counseling Centers for Cross-cultural Workers
11) Daily Devotionals You can Receive Via Email
12) Enhance the Health and Ministry Effectiveness of Your Workers
13) We’re Grateful…
14) The BackPage: Believing in Christ is Believable
15) Closing Stuff