7) Curious about Counselling Centers for Missionaries

RetreatMost missions strategists agree that member care is a significant part of missions and ministry health. This past week, we heard from a guy with a growing vision for starting a small business to provide a place for restoration, spiritual retreat and marriage and personal counselling opportunities for those working in Northern Africa and along the Mediterranean. He’s wondering if anyone would be willing to send him any current organizations or businesses operating retreat and/or counselling centres for missionaries (anywhere in the world) that he could use to investigate in his research.

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  1. Larry Rus Reply

    The Olive Tree Counseling Center opened in Antalya, Turkey, in June 2014 and it’s purpose is to give counseling and support to workers in that area and other surrounding countries. It has a staff of 6 licensed therapists. More information can be found on their website: http://www.olivetreecounseling.org

  2. Dottie Schulz Reply

    Perhaps this link would help…http://missiodeijournal.com/article.php?issue=md-6-1&author=md-6-1-schulz

    this link is in the body of the article:http://ncfliving.org/index_missionary.php

    Hope this helps. Dottie

  3. Connie S Reply

    Here’s 2:
    http://www.barnabaszentrum.com/ – has retreats in the States, Austria, and Croatia

    http://alongsidecares.net/ – in Michigan

  4. Debbie Reply

    A retreat centre for missionaries – see


  5. Scott Reply

    links to two different orgs in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  6. Steve Reply

    One Another is based in central England and does new and veteran missionary counseling.

  7. Dave Grissen Reply

    Check out our website. We have a number of centers for care of Harvest Workers and are opening more all the time. If interested, please contact our new President, David Knauss – daviddotknaussatlifeimpactministriesdotnet

  8. Cecily Reply

    Barnabas International
    Barnabas Zentrum: Ministering to Those Who Minister
    He Restoreth Ministries, Inc.: We serve missionaries!
    Heartstream Resources for Cross-cultural Workers
    Le Rucher Ministries
    Minnesota Renewal Center
    Missionary Care from Caring for Others
    Paracletos: Coming Alongside Missionaries
    Servant Care: Caring for those who serve, and equipping Saints for ministry!

    I am trying to collect information about such sites, so it would be great if you could publish a list of these places on Brigada. Thanks!

  9. Brian Reply

    TRAIN International in Joplin, MO offers 5-day re-entry retreats for global workers.


    Cleft Rock in Mt. Vernon, KY offers missionaries a place to rest and renew and a 3 days/2 night stay for pastors and missionaries is free.


  10. Ken Reply

    Godspeed Resources Connection, based in Columbia SC, is committed to helping intercultural workers thrive in the work they are called to do.

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