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In this issue…
1) Go Deeper In Your Ministry to Muslims with Engaging Islam Intensives
2) New “Co-Missioned” Book Will Challenge, Touch Hearts
3) Development and Aid to the Poor: Real people, Not Theory
4) Sky Rescue: Emergency Evacuation For Those Who Have Medical Coverage
5) Need a VBS Mission? Advancing Native Missions is Willing
6) Aid for Trade: An Internet Source for Practical Missions
7) Advancing Native Missions Would Serve Your Church
8) Where do you Get Your Children’s Bible Stories/Lessons?
9) This Website will Test Your Laptop for the New Superfish Bug
10) Here’s One Way to Uncover Possible Biases You Have Against the Poor
11) “All Nations” Has Raised the Bar
12) If Your Kids Ask Questions, You Need These Books
13) Thanks to Those Who Help Pay the Bills
14) The BackPage: Help me Find the Perfect Carry-On?
15) Closing Stuff