Year: 2014

2) Psychology for Missionaries: Revised

This book is “for” missionaries, not “about” missionaries, and it has been very popular since it was first posted. “Psychology for Missionaries” considers many areas of general psychology...

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3) Special Feature: Cool Tools for Offline Use

By popular request (Thanks for asking, Mike!), this week’s Brigada is featuring, among other items, Cool Tools for use in low-bandwidth situations. Maybe you’re a worker in a creative-access field with slow internet....

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4) Best Offline Email Solution

How has it become such a standard norm for everyone to use online (web portal) email solutions? Has the internet become THAT ubiquitous? (I guess for some, it must be the case, but not for all.) If you’re looking for the...

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5) Best Offline Web Browser

I’m afraid we have to call in some help on this one. Suppose you want to visit the capital city and download a bunch of web pages that you can use as a reference-base back at the jungle outpost. I used to rely heavily on...

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6) Best Offline Bible

You know… I’ve recently been trying out Logos and, I’m afraid my life has changed. I can’t imagine ever being satisfied with e-Sword again. The layout with Logos is so much more modern. And talk about...

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7) Looking for a Special Offline App? Ask Here

Have you got a special use for an offline app that we haven’t mentioned above? Just use the comment box below to ask. I have a hunch that SOMEBODY in the Brigada audience will have tried to create or find a solution for...

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9) Books Shipped Free Worldwide

Brigada participant, Jenn, recently recommended the Book Depository It’s based in the UK and they sell books primarily and the best part is that they ship free all over the world. According to...

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11) Missional Micro-videos

It’s no surprise that we now live in a world that is increasingly immersed in media. There’s a place to debate how this impacts cultures, but the fact remains that hunger for video-related content only continues to...

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12) Join GoCorps; Change the World

GoCorps is a partnership of 15 mission organizations that has been working over the last four years to make it easier and more common for recent grads of all majors to use their degrees globally for two years. Contrasted with...

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13) Thanks for Those Who Help Pay the Bills

We’re grateful this past week for a $50 gift from Kingdom Come Training. If you need help raising support, we encourage you to give them a try. Home Thanks, too, to the anonymous donor who just sent $100 in honor of the...

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14) The BackPage: The Magic of Sharing

Some years ago, it was really fashionable to “nickel and dime” people at every turn, in hopes of generating a support base. Organizations charged for webinars, booklets, DVD’s, and more. For some reason, over...

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15) Closing Stuff

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