spot messThis is a fantastic deal if you were already going to pick up a Spot Messenger anyway. And if you weren’t, this might be the tipping point to help you decide. If you act by Dec. 31st, you can pick up a Gen3 Spot Messenger for FREE. Wondering exactly what a Spot Messenger is? Basically, carry it just about anywhere in the world and, if you subscribe to the associated insurance service, if you get in trouble, just push the “SOS” button and (I’m not kidding) and extraction service will literally come pick you up. In addition, click the “OK” button any time, and the device triggers an “OK” email or text message to be sent to any of your friends or family (that you’ve listed prior to your trip). All this via satellite — so no cell phone service is needed AND, it works even if the entire country has sealed off internet and cell. You get the ultimate high ground. Learn more about the service at

To see the details of the cool rebate (which gets you a Gen3 Spot Messenger device for free, visit

If you’re going to sign up for Spot Messenger service anyway, might as well start at

where, if you put in the following, you’ll get a 20% discount off your year of service (and so will Brigada Today). To get your 20% discount, just fill in the panel lower right with Your Friend’s Account Name of dlucas and the Spot ESN: 0-2114609.

Spot also offers a great little SatPhone now too, if you need that.