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In this issue…

1) Pray for the Maldives
2) Final Days for Mission Frontiers Offer
3) If you Love Developing Media and Want to Help Unreached Peoples…
4) How to Get the Word out About Your Work
5) The 5-min. Story of Pema Tshering Will Challenge and Inspire
6) This Website Demonstrates an Approach that Mobilizes Many
7) Organizers Hope that PeopleGroups.org Improvements Will Help YOU
8) 5fish will give you tools and Resources: For free!
9) Megavoice will Thrill you AGAIN
10) Faith Comes by Hearing Sets the Standard High
11) Train and Multiply Still Amazes me
12) This Customer Service Management Software meshes with Evernote
13) We’re grateful…
14) The BackPage: Jesus Film People Continue to Inspire
15) Closing Stuff