four fieldsNathan and Kari Shank have done a superb job in their new revision of “Four Fields of Kingdom Growth: Starting and Releasing Healthy Churches.” In these 155 pages, the Shanks not only describe the model of the Four Fields, but also touch on just about every other metaphor in church planting movements (CPM’s). This is more than a book: It’s a manual. It’s more than a guide: It’s a programmed learning tool. You can take this book… and ten days studying it… and perhaps do more to revolutionize your ministry than any other tool outside of the Bible. These authors could have copyrighted this work and sold it to make themselves a handsome income. Instead — they released it to the world. Why? Because, I think, they knew that they really don’t own it: God does. And by releasing it, everybody wins — especially people who are missing from the Kingdom.

So don’t walk. Run. Grab this book. And let’s memorize it. More importantly — let’s implement it.

Best I can tell, Nathan’s “home” on the web is here:

You can find their book here, free for downloading: