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In this issue…
1) Get Equipped to Go
2) Your Favorite Email Program? Have you Tried EM Client?
3) On the Hunt for — the Web’s Best Maps
4) Brigada Reader Offers his Stock Photos for Free
5) New Online Training for Short-Term Missions
6) OneSimCard Lowers Rates throughout Latin America and the Caribbean
7) Raising Support? Need to Cut Expenses? Here’s a Possible Help
8) Missio Nexus Has New Forums on Key Topics
9) Check out “Mission Launch Team Training”
10) Take “It’s All About Relationships” Evangelism Training
11) Goalsetting 101: How do you do it?
12) Here are 120 Old Testament verses on Missions
13) We’re thankful…
14) The BackPage: What’s in YOUR Language Learning Wallet?
15) Closing Stuff