earth hands“Fundamentals For Cross-Cultural Missions” videos are a great way for individuals, Short-Term Team Leaders, Churches and Faith-Based organizations to prepare for cross-cultural engagement. Now they are available online and can be watched at any time with several pricing options, starting at $7.99, to fit the specific need of the viewer. Each video session comes with a downloadable handout with notes and checklists to help in preparation.

The “Fundamentals For Cross-Cultural Missions” videos can be viewed individually or as a course. They are great for teams and cover five essential topics:
Blessed To Be A Blessing-A Biblical Basis for Missions
Culture-The signs and triggers of culture shock and how to deal with it
Bridges and Barriers-Examines worldview and bridges and barriers to communicating the gospel cross-culturally
Spiritual Preparation-Discusses prayer, spiritual warfare and sharing your story
Safety & Security-Understanding the potential risks of global travel and best practices to minimize adverse situations

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