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1) Missions Mobilization Video for Your Next Event
2) Next Time You Travel, Ask about Delta’s New Humanitarian Airfare
3) What’s the best Data Projector?
4) Pre Mission Trip Devotional Now In Spanish
5) New Tract To Help you Present the Gospel
6) What’s the Perfect Carry-on?
7) What does Your Team Use to Stay on the Same Page?
8) Make Your Stories Powerful And Consistent
9) Get Visionary in your Parenting
10) What Was the Role of Prayer in the Early Church?
11) Have you Been Wishing for Pocket Bible for the Mac?
12) New Book will Prepare you Spiritually for Mission
13) Undergird Brigada for Someone Who Can’t
14) The BackPage: Gear up to Mobilize with These New Resources
15) Closing Stuff