calvaryIt’s time we call in the cavalry. As we mentioned previously, several Brigada users have complained that their email-version Brigada is arriving completely “blank.” But the funny thing is, when they send us a copy of a sample “invisible Brigada,” we can read their sample just fine. So it’s as if Brigada is invisible in THEIR email client, but not in ours? How can this be? Any theories? To date, we’ve not been able to determine any common theme — email client, browser, etc.

Of course (please help spread the word to users with invisible Brigadas because they won’t be able to see this item! :-) ), when your email version of Brigada arrives, you COULD just use it as a trigger to go to Brigada on the web at…

Because Brigada on the web is always posted first anyway.

In other news, one Brigada user complained that her copy of Brigada was snipped prematurely in Gmail. I’m not a gmail expert by any means, but I couldn’t find any indication that there is a “message length” or even default message view. Is there? If so, does anyone know the limit? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Just click “Comment” following the web version of this item to respond.