Morton Security Solutions is launching a new Travel Risk Management Portal (TRM Portal), giving your organization as a whole, the ability to educate, prepare and monitor your personnel, anywhere they operate. They have identified three key things that you need in order to maintain organization continuity and fulfill your stewardship obligations to your personnel and volunteers. They are; Provide Situational Awareness (Information), Maintain Accountability and Provide Rapid Response Capabilities. They now offer you these capabilities through enterprise solutions, tailored to fit your organizations specific mission and goals. Through the TRM Portal, you are able to create profiles for your personnel, upload itineraries and receive specific risk assessments and risk mitigation recommendations from expert intelligence and crisis management analysts. This is a great tool for providing peace of mind to volunteers and personnel who are apprehensive about traveling (or allowing their children to travel), in an increasingly chaotic world. It also provides enhanced liability coverage for non-profit organizations. Check out their short tutorial video:

Contact Morton Security Solutions to find out how you can enroll your church or international outreach program and receive 35% off the enrollment fee:!services/aboutPage