Meadowbrook Baptist Church (Gadsden, AL), who sent $250 and a note, “I appreciate the ministry of Brigada. Life is busy as a husband, father, pastor, and missionary so mission research time is limited. Your work of compiling resources is a big advantage for my team and me. Thanks for what you do. The enclosed check is meant to support your work, but also encourage you as you do it.” To Randy and all the staff at Meadowbrook, God bless you!!!

God bless the Brigada participant from Cambridge, MN who gave a $15 donation this past week! We appreciate you!

Thanks, too, to the worker in Wycliffe who sent $50 of his own money for the work of Christ through Brigada. God bless you brother.

And thanks to the Brigada participant who sent $25 from Kalamazoo, MI. God bless you!