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In this edition:
1) Engaging Islam Intensive
2) Combined Community Development Training and Personal Debriefing
3) Visit a Missionary-Focused Retreat Center Next Trip to USA
4) Track and Communicate with Your Staff in Sensitive Fields
5) Music and Bible Resources Free for Field Workers
6) The Largest Streaming Bible Study Site in the World
7) Missions Grad Student Shares His Paper on Decision-Making
8) Key Profiles of Decision-Makers in India
9) The School of Frontier Media Thailand
10) Where do You go for Cables?
11) Oral Bible Storying: use Jesus’ Approach to Tell his Story
12) Summer Animation Project 2014- Apply Now!
13) In a Matter of Mere Hours, a New Movie Will Premier
14) The BackPage: What’s Up with Ukraine?
15) Closing Stuff