Bible AppIf we line up a dozen smartphone and tablet users, asking them for their favorite Bible app, my guess is we’d get a dozen different answers. By now, maybe every smartphone user has downloaded at least one Bible app, even if he or she still carries a printed Bible for backup. Truth is, when I travel, I still carry one myself — the thinnest Bible I can find that has print that is easily readable for my own eyes, while teaching in a dark environment. Still, my slightly-stepped-up-font Old and New Testament is no more than 1 inch thick. What if the power goes out for an entire day and I exhaust the batteries on both my laptop and phone? But beyond that, I’m convinced that in some contexts, it still just looks too… WEIRD to teach using a phone or laptop Bible.

But what about the other times, when you CAN read the Bible on your phone or tablet? Which Bible program do you like most as your iPhone, iPad or Android device? I’m biased toward Bibles that act as “apps” rather than just portals to a web page (to make sure I can see them when my phone is offline). Therefore, I’m not as big a fan of “YouVersion” or whatever it’s called. I’ve tried Zondervan’s “Bible Gateway.” For some reason, that hasn’t become my favorite. I’ve been a long-time big fan of Olive Tree Bible. Lately, I’ve also tried the Faithlife study Bible, the Logos Bible, and e-Sword LT. What’s your own favorite?

If you’re looking for an app for your PC, many point directly to Logos Bible at…

What’s your own favorite?