Got a friend or family member who somehow was overlooked by Santa? It happens more often than you think. Or maybe someone (you?) received cash for Christmas, so you’re asking yourself, “What would make a perfect gift that would keep on giving?” Never fear: the answer is here.
Logos Bibles and Christian books all fit together in your favorite digital device. Whether for your phone, slate, or laptop, Logos apps are perfect for pastors, stupendous for students, and fantastic for family. Plus, if you order now, you might still get a free A. W. Tozer book from Logos as a thank-you gift. Simply make any purchase, then use this coupon code: 12DAYS2013 — to get the book free! (And thanks for ordering from Logos at the above landing page. They plan to make donations to Brigada to say thanks for each order, so when you order and read a Logos Bible, you’re helping Brigada too!)