audaciousIf you know a teen or young adult who is passionate to stop child trafficking but doesn’t know where to plug in beyond liking a zillion Facebook cause pages, a new mobilization tool can help them. If child trafficking makes you angry,” Diana Scimone, president of the Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking, tells youth, “it’s because God put that anger inside you.” Scimone’s new book, Audacious, helps teens and young adults find God’s plan for them to fight this injustice. (Hint: They’ll learn about His plan for the rest of their lives, too.) The book includes dozens of “What’s the big idea?” creativity exercises to help youth unlock their own audaciously big idea to end child trafficking — or whatever issue of injustice God has put on their hearts. For more information:

While you’re on that site, you can download Born2Fly’s anti-trafficking curriculum for children, teens, and young adults. It’s free and available in many languages.