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In this edition:
1) What are we Learning about Facebooking Unreached Peoples?
2) Spot (Satellite Beacon) Messenger Brings out Gen 3, Rebate
3) Looking Forward to Hearing how GMHC Africa Went
4) What’s Your Favorite Group Texting Solution?
5) Aquaponics: I Don’t Want Watered-Down Training!
6) Destination Zero, Minneapolis, October 22-25, 2013
7) Take CHE Online Beginning Sept. 11
8) Free Interactive Gospel App for Smartphones
9) We Get Mail
10) Brigada Makes
11) What if Textbooks Went Open-Source?
12) Easybibles.Com Has Made Two Important Strides Forward
13) We’re Grateful…
14) BackPage: Teamwork, in Action, in Baby Grand Form
15) Closing Stuff