Month: July 2013

15) Closing Stuff

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Brigada Today — 2013/07/07

Search Brigada’s 18+ years of archives — 100% ad-free due to gifts from True Fans of Brigada In this edition: 1) “20 to 30 New Engagements Every Day [Among the Unreached]” 2) Bible Recordings Can Be...

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2) Bible Recordings Can Be Created Online

Faith Comes By Hearing has created a website where speakers of under-resourced languages may audition and then record Bible portions from the comfort and security of their office or home.

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5) Free literature for Fulani people

The Fulani people of West Africa live as far west as Mauritania and Senegal, through to N Cameroon, N Nigeria, and even as far east as Sudan, with many in France and other western countries. SOON Ministries offers free outreach...

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6) If You Present Data, You Will Like

I’m JUST getting started at… (Thanks Caleb), but so far, this site looks extremely promising. Plug in a spreadsheet or CSV chart with info and numbers, and out comes a communication tool for your...

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10) Kindle App Speaks both Windows and Mac

Many apologies to all our Mac friends. Last week, when we reminded readers that one can read Kindle books without buying a Kindle, we unintentionally provided a URL which provided the install for Windows users only. Thanks to...

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