Our recent call for additional providers of pre-field training has netted some fairly great results, thanks to all of you who pitched in. See the original item back here…


We TOTALLY appreciate all those who will take time out of their business schedule to post additional resources, contacts, and trainers like these. You’ll note that the original article included the folks at MTI, as well as those at CIT and Train International. But what we did NOT include were additional trainers mentioned at…


These included folks from Operation Mobilisation (OM), the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI — on the web at http://www.acsi.org), Global Frontier Missions, and…

Worldview in Australia: http://www.worldview.edu.au/

Cornerstone in Netherlands: http://www.cornerstonecollege.eu/

EastWest in NewZealand: http://www.eastwest.ac.nz

MTC LatinoAmericano in Brazil: http://www.mtclatino.org.br/

Gateway Training in Canada: http://www.gatewaytraining.org/

El Monte in Mexico: http://www.elmontemexico.com/

WEA lists many more schools on their website:


Beautiful Feet Boot Camp (Learn more here: http://www.beautifulfeet.us )

Thanks again to all those who chipped in from our whole Brigada audience for helping with this!